The timeline visually represents the events you have created in Granthika.

Only events for which Granthika can figure out the dates appear on the timeline. That is, if you have created an event using the Event Manager with no dates, that event will not appear on the timeline.

You can click-and-drag events to move them on the timeline–this will change the date of a moved event accordingly, and will also move any dependent events (for which you have set an INTERVAL and MUST-COME constraint in the Event Manager).

If your moving an event disrupts any of the constraints you have set in the Event Manager, the system will not allow the move, and will show an error message.

Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Create an Event

The Go To field allows you to go to a specific date on the timeline, or navigate to the first or last event, or go to the next or a previous event.

Event Selection

Selecting an event with your mouse will cause it to turn a light yellow.

Event Buttons

If you hover over an event, you will see buttons for Event Details and Event Manager.

Searching for Events

You can search for events using the search field. Events that match the search criteria will turn white.

Use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one found event to the next.

Filtering Events

You can see only a subset of events by using the filter field. Only the events that match the search criteria will be shown on the timeline.

Use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one found event to the next.

Using Search and Filter Together

You can use both the search and filter functions together. This allows you to search within the subset of events found by the applied filter.

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