Welcome to Granthika!

Granthika is a unique, next-generation integrated writing environment which seamlessly integrates the functionality of an editor, a database, and a timeline.

Granthika allows you to connect the elements of your story (characters, locations, etc.) directly to the text you're working on. You can then access this knowledge with one key shortcut from the Editor. Further, Granthika can intelligently reason over the facts of your narrative. Granthika’s connections between your manuscript and your world-building information allows you to move instantaneously between your story and your information, and see your manuscript in ways never possible before.

Granthika’s unique global search feature allows you to query across both the text of your manuscript and the story elements you create in your world-building.

Granthika also has the unique ability to export and import story universes. A story universe comprises all the characters, events, locations, etc., of the story you are working on. You can export these story elements from one project and merge them into another. You are thus able to share a story universe across several writing projects.

Granthika acts as your super-assistant as you write, allowing you to concentrate on what you care about as a writer—your words and your story.

Please read the Wired magazine article below to get a sense of the larger vision of our project.

You can also read the following article in California magazine.

If you'd like to read more about the genesis of Granthika, please read the blog post below.

For a quick introduction to Granthika and it’s features, you can watch an introductory video from our YouTube channel.

A playlist of tutorials is available here.

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Granthika automatically creates and saves all your manuscripts in its local store. So you never have to open and close individual files as you might be doing with traditional word processors and text editors. Instead, within Granthika, you use the Application Menu to create, open, and close individual projects. Each project represents a manuscript along with all the knowledge relevant to that manuscript (your story elements, events, notes, etc.). You can also export Granthika manuscripts to other formats, or import from other formats to create Granthika projects.

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